The Blister Prevention Wool for any activity!!

Don’t let blisters rob you from your life experiences. Hike, Run, Dance and Shop without fear of painful after effects.

Welcome To Acti-Bliss

Exquisitely carded, lanolin rich Australian Sheep’s wool that will protect your feet from blisters in the most demanding activities.

Whether you are hiking, running, dancing, shopping or simply suffer from blisters at work or play, Acti-Bliss is the miracle cure… well, maybe not cure, but prevention is better than cure!

Imagine the genuine softness of exquisitely carded Australian Sheep’s Wool together with the natural soothing properties of lanolin, protecting your feet as you remain active. The cushioning effect of the wool, together with the moisturizing effect of the lanolin are bliss for feet.”

Lanolin is unequalled in its moisturizing and emollient effects on the human skin. Designed by nature, it softens and protects both human skin and wool fibres against the ravages of adverse conditions. Lanolin is absorbed by the stratum corneum where it nourishes the skin from within whilst forming a non-occlusive barrier (it doesn’t smother the skin) allowing the skin to “breathe” and carry out normal biological functions. Lanolin is also capable of absorbing unneeded moisture leaving your feet dry and cool in your sock. Something so simple – yet a solution to a problem that has plagued those active in the outdoors for years. It’s no wonder more and more runners, hikers, walkers and sportspeople (anyone with feet really) are turning to Acti-Bliss to keep them moving.


  I was recently faced with a 10hr+, 1500m elevation drop decent off the Annette Plateau in New Zealand's Southern Alps - when suddenly my chunky mountaineering boots decided to start giving my heel a painful blister. A quick application of Acti-Bliss not only stopped the blister from forming further, but it actually made the boots more comfortable! Very impressed. This miracle wool now has a permanent home in my first aid kit. Thanks!

Lachlan - Brisbane , Australia